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Historic Films Exclusively Represents Reverend L.O. Taylor Collection 1936-1954

October 1, 2007

Historic Films Archive In association with the Center For Southern Folklore in Memphis Tennessee, is now representing the Reverend L.O. Taylor Collection of 1936-54 Southern African American lifestyles. As an important Baptist Minister in Memphis Reverend Taylor was closely connected to Memphis' African-American community. He extensively covered all aspects of the Southern African-American experience in well-shot 16mm kodachrome color and b&w film. He filmed an annual record of the regional national baptist conventions from 1936-54 as well as creating films on such topics as black biusnesses in memphis, black social clubs and fraternal organizations, black highschools, black trade schools, and black municipal institutions. Historic Film's Joe Lauro worked with the center's director Judy Piser in appraizing and restoring the films, plus assiting the center in securing grants from several institutions to help with the restorations. Lauro states " ...I have never seen kodachrome film look as lush and sparkling as the restored Taylor footage...and most importantly, it is perhaps the earlist glimpses of Southern African-American life in color that may exist". Historic Films is as well assisting the center with digital re-transfers of ther other key motion materials, much of which documents Southern delta music and religion circa 1963-76.