Amid the on-going health concerns both locally and globally, Historic Films understands that productions must go on. Whether working at the archive or remotely Historic Films will continue to operate at full capacity and will provide our valued clients with all the usual research, quotes, and masters they depend upon. Clients can always contact a sales/research person at the following email addresses:, and

Highlights from our Library:

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    The JERRY LEWIS Show

    Historic Films Archive now represents the "Jerry Lewis Show" (1957-69), "the Martin & Lewis Show" (1950-55) and several of Jerry’s groundbreaking early feature films! Browse…
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    Kent State Demonstrations

    1970 Kent State student demonstrations captured on 8mm recently re-discovered and available to license! Browse…
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    WOODSTOCK 1969 - The Amalie Rothschild Collection

    This collection includes footage from the ORIGINAL Woodstock Festival, filmed in 16mm color by Amalie Rothschild. Browse…
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    From the legendary Pete Seeger, and Bob Dylan to Mississippi John Hurt and hundreds more. They have all appeared at the Newport Folk Festival. Browse…

New additions to our Library:


The BEST SHOT Stock Footage Library

Started in Tampa Florida in the late 1980s by Peter Klein, BEST SHOT was a leading independent footage archive. Active through the early 2000s, BEST SHOT amassed footage of cultural events, locations, life-styles, travel, food, children, animals, sports, aerials, underwater, time lapse, animation, technology, landscapes and more. Historic Films’ CEO Joe Lauro says “In keeping with our mission to try to keep twenty years behind the times in regards to the stock footage we offer, we are thrilled to return BEST SHOT’s holdings to the marketplace. It is an amazing new asset for us. It represents an expansive trove of film and video that encapsulates these three important decades".

The library is currently being reorganized and brought online in collaboration with former BEST SHOT shooter and manager Ron Ceyrolles. The footage will become available to stream and download for licensing through Historic Films beginning this fall.

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