Fees & Policies

Historic Films aims to provide its footage at affordable rates. We understand that not all budgets are the same. Sometimes those "labor of love" projects need all the help they can get. While license fees will vary depending on the rights required and the overall order size, Historic Films will always endeavor to provide clients with a workable footage rate.

Historic Films does not provide films to collectors or for home/private use. Upon receipt of your research request a Historic Films representative will contact you directly to discuss your project and your request.

The following rates may apply:

Research: A research fee of $125.00 is charged for most orders. This includes tape stock (if required) and processing time. These fees are deductible from your master order footage.

Licensing Rates: A standard minimum fee of $500.00 is charged once master footage is ordered. The specific rights required will determine the minimum fee.

Mastering: The fees for accepting analog tape delivery of master material are:

  • $125.00 for processing time
  • $25.00 per source tape that you access
  • $30.00 for tape stock

The fees for accepting digital delivery of master material are:

  • $100.00 for processing time
  • $25.00 per source tape that you access

We accept Visa, Master Card and American Express. In certain cases company purchase orders may also be accepted in lieu of C.O.D. payment.


Footage provided by Historic Films is not sold but instead, licensed. This means we provide clients with the necessary rights to use our footage in a particular production only. The licensed material may not be sold, rented or re-used in any production other than that specified in the license agreement. Historic Films must be contacted if additional rights are required.

Pro Accounts:

A "Pro" account gives you access to low-res versions of Specialty Collection material for offline viewing. A "Pro" account costs $100 and expires after one year or when a project completes. It initially grants you access to up to 60 minutes of Specialty Collection material for download. Additional Specialty Collection download minutes can be added to your account at any time at $100 per 60-minute increment. Specialty Collection download minutes expire one year after the last date of purchase or when a project completes.